Kerry: “This Is Not a Game”

John Kerry

Except it IS a game.  It is, in fact, The Great Game.  The outcome of which is immeasurably better for one’s nation when that game is played by great men.   Something John Kerry is not.   He is a small man.  Not in stature, but in character, in talent, and in intellect.  Small in insight.  A blind and arrogant ideologue whose proclamations and bombast reflect the mediocrity of his equally small boss.

And in this Great Game, Mssrs Kerry and Obama have been embarrassed, frustrated, out-witted, out-maneuvered, and exposed as the rank amateurs and base frauds they are.   They have come against hard professionals in Assad and Putin, men who understand force, and survival, and the workings of statecraft, something our own struggling, stumbling civilian leadership knows not.   What is our Secretary of State’s comment regarding the destruction of Syria’s chemical arsenal?

“It has to be verifiable. It has to be credible. It has to be timely and implemented in a timely fashion. And finally there ought to be consequences if it doesn’t take place.”

He makes such a statement without the slightest notion of how such can be accomplished given the reluctance of the President to commit to anything more than a gesture of some Tomahawks being fired from offshore.  The supposed disposal of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile, dutifully wiped clean of Russian and Iraqi fingerprints, will be neither verifiable nor credible, and will happen at the pace which Russia allows such activity.  And then there are the rebels, Islamic radicals and Al Qaeda among them, every bit as brutal and far more of a security threat to the US than the Assad regime.  They also have a vote.  And, likely, control some of that chemical stockpile.

Be assured, Mr. Kerry.   There will be consequences.  Big ones.  There already are.  The diminishing of American credibility and stature worldwide, laid bare for our allies and our enemies to see.

And perhaps, one day, another brutal dictator will have taken his measure of our amateurish and incompetent statesmanship and decide to act.  And, if warned away from such an act, will simply say “My enemies are worms, I saw them in Syria”.


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9 responses to “Kerry: “This Is Not a Game”

  1. The eight years of Obama’s incompetence will be haunting this great republic of ours for decades. We as a nation will be paying a price for a long time. I pray that price isn’t as terrible as I fear it could be.


    • We won’t be able to Scott. Zer0 is squandering the money even as I type this, and it’s about gone. We see it, but the Retards in the Disctrict of Corruption have only themselves on their list and aren’t watching anything else.

      Alas, URR, they are worms. A lot of us aren’t, but we have no significant influence and the Universe is a harsh mistress.


    • I fear that we may not be able to pay the price.


  2. Outstanding, spot-on commentary as always, URR.


  3. Excellent article, URR.

    For long-term peace between major powers you need decisive victories, nuclear weapons, and maritime superemancy.* All three of these real peace keeping forces are being gutted by PBHO and his handlers.

    * Cites available if you request them.


  4. John Kerry: “Unbelievably small”


  5. “You didn’t build that”
    “At this point, what does it matter?”
    “Unbelievably small”

    I can’t wait for the next heroic words.


  6. KenH

    Komerex tel Khesterex , as the Klingons say – the John Ford ones; the structure that grows versus the structure that dies. These…. damn, you cant get into appropriate adjectives without blowing a gasket. This will indeed take the work of decades to undo. And there WILL be a war because of this, down the line. All so’s the moron brigade could “feel” good


  7. The Sauds bought and paid for Obamas election. The feel that they deserve to control Syria. So does Qatar, that wants to run a NatGas pipeline through Syria to Turkey and Europe.
    Putin(Gazprom) has a monopoly on gas to Europe. They don’t want that to happen.
    The Great Game indeed.
    Follow the money…