Salem, IL Leckrone Airport (KSLO)

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I grew up in a small town about 4 hours south of Chicago and 1 hour east of St Louis, MO in a town called Salem, IL.

My first flight was from the local airport KSLO, known as Leckrone Airport.

Leckrone Airport is named for Philip Leckrone who fought in the Royal Air Force Eagle Squadrons during World War2.

Philip was born 1912 and raised in Salem to William and Lottie Leckrone. Phil also owned his own airplane in town.

He traveled to Britian in 1940 and enlisted in the Royal Air Force and learned to fly the Spitfire. While serving No.71 Squadron he was killed during formation training with another 71 Squadron aircraft. Phil died at the age of 28 and is buried in Kirton in Lindsey Burial Ground, Lincolnshire.

I’ve been doing a little reasearch online and have found some interesting pictures of him:

Phil Leckrone from his Spitfire

Phil Leckrone is pictured on the right side with some other members of 71 Squadron.

There are still members of the Leckrone family in Salem and if you ever visit the airport, there’s a tribute to him in the passenger terminal.

Every small town in this great nation holds some interesting history and this was the history in mine.


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The gravestone in the center at the Kirton-In-Lindsey is where Phil Leckrone (at the age of 28) is buried.

Someone in the UK was gracious enough to send me this a while ago:

Philip Howard Leckrone


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  2. Arthur Lowry

    I always understood he went to Canada where joined the CAF then transferred to the RAF ? Americans were not allowed to join the RAF ?


    • themavf14d

      I think you’re correct about that.

      Btw, are you related to Sarah? I know there are quite a few Lowrys in those parts.