Congratulations to ID

Fellow Blogger Galrahn at Information Dissemination gets a very nice mention in Time.

Lin is just at the beginning of his career, but in a sign of how far these skills can take him, Singer points to one of the heavy-weight champs of the open-source community. “Certainly one of the most important thinkers on US Navy issues, is a guy who goes by the name Galrahn,” Singer says. Galrahn is the username of a man who has no connection to the Navy, and simply created a blog, Information Dissemination, that became the hub for arguing back and forth on navy strategy. “Pull any navy officer,” Singer says, “and ask, ‘Who are the top thinkers out there right now?’ He would be listed in it.”

The whole article, about open source intelligence, is pretty interesting, and worth your time.

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  1. Am I allowed to whine about them writing “Pull any officer” instead of “Poll any officer”? OR maybe they did mean, “tug on the arm of any officer”.