Mortar Monday (I meant to post this yesterday)

So, 5/20IN hosted the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force to a mortar live fire at Yakima Firing Center recently. Lots of 120mm goodness going on.

Here’s the short PAO take.

And here’s the extended version. I love that piiiiiing! that 120mm mortars make when firing. Gives me a warm fuzzy.

And while I tend to think of the 120mm as a big mortar, the Soviets and the Israelis have used 160mm mortars. And then… there’s this:


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8 responses to “Mortar Monday (I meant to post this yesterday)

  1. scottthebadger

    I have always liked the Little David, it’s Heavy Metal!


  2. Ivan used to have 240mm mortars according to Victor Suvarov. That might be getting a bit too big for the troops, however.


  3. Esli

    I love having 4x120mm mortars in my back pocket. I wish the platoon still had six guns like the old days. With 2 FDCs.


  4. Flugelman

    Little David is really awesome, but kinda hard to “Shoot an Scoot” like we did with four-deuces.


  5. R

    There has been some wild weather over in Yakima this week. It isn’t every day that they get to experience a full on Haboob in this part of the world.


  6. I was surprised that I could actually see the shell leave the barrel in a couple of cases. Are the mortars that slow in flight, or are modern digital cameras that fast?