Fair’s Fair!


Except none of the 80 million legal gun owners in America cheer when a psychopath kills people with a firearm….  nor do they tell us the victims deserved it because of their beliefs or religion.



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  2. Seriously? come on!
    I say keep our guns, but it would not kill anyone to support the law on better background checks now would it? Oh wait…it’s these people who are actually giving decent law abiding citizens a bad name.
    The debate has never been about giving up guns, where would we be without these rights the land itself accords us? it’s about responsible citizenship.
    Hi Aewl :)


  3. My sister, who is married to an LEO, is very anti-gun. She went on a rant about it after the Navy Yard terror attack. I asked her why is it ok to condemn all gun owners for the actions of this dickwad, but NOT ok to do the same to the islamofascists who are killing people and servicemen all over the world? She never replied.


  4. I don’t hate saying it, but those who are antigun, that push gunfree zones and other nonsense, do deserve what they get when some fool decides the local mall is a good live fire FTX. Others who have not, do not deserve it, but they suffer, while the fools with influence rarely do. We need to disarm the protectors of fools like DiFi, SanFranNan, and others, and let them feel the sting of their own stupidity.


  5. Counter-argument: if carrying a gun saves even one life, isn’t it worth it?

    Then go digging into the statistics on how many lives were saved that way. I’ll bet money you’ll find more were saved by gun use than killed by the “spree” shooters. If you’re into bean-counting.

    As for the background checks, there are other factors, including the Progressive insistence on allowing people with demonstrable mental issues to wander about freely. But what really raises the hackles of gun owners is not a background check per se but the plans the prog gun-grabbers have for keeping that data after the sale cleared. It’s a back door to a national gun registry.


  6. One man in Kenya, a former Royal Marine armed with a pistol, saved 100 lives in the Nairobi Mall Islamic terrorist attack. He went in 12 times to bring people out.

    Those held hostage were tortured in front of their relatives, before being killed by the Islamic terrorists as the rescue forces got closer.

    The Islamic Beslan school attack, reinforced by the Islamic Mumbai attack, teaches that hostages will be tortured and killed. The key is no hostages.

    All the positive vibes from progressives can not change history, nor will the future be affected.