Noted Author Tom Clancy Dies at 66


Tom Clancy, the brilliant and irascible author of an incredible series of fiction and non-fiction works that include The Hunt for Red October, Red Storm RisingThe Sum of All Fears, and many others, has died at the age of 66.  His work was also inspiration for a generation of military-based first person shooter video games.

Clancy’s work was revolutionary, and his technical research exquisite.  I remember the hubbub of the release of Red October, and the speculation that someone had leaked him classified information that allowed him to portray so accurately the then-hidden world of US and Soviet submarine operations.

Clancy was a brilliant storyteller who revolutionized his genre, which was accurately described as “military/espionage/thriller”.  He will be missed.


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8 responses to “Noted Author Tom Clancy Dies at 66

  1. rmnixondeceased

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  2. I LOVED “Red Storm Rising.” I miss him already.


    • I know Bond is still around, but there won’t be anymore Clancy novels after the last is published in December.

      Ask not for whom the bell tolls….

      Just be glad that’s Twilight Zone music you hear and not Banjo music.


    • QM, don’t despair. Larry Bond, who did the scenarios for Red Storm Rising, is still with us.

      I got the first USNI edition of Hunt for Red October, with the author autograph, for my Dad. I have it now.

      One degree of separation:
      The person whom Hunt for Red October was dedicated to, Ralph Chatham CAPT USN, (Ret), worked at PMS-423 in NAVSEA. He gave Clancy the best technical information he could. After he left NAVSEA, I was assigned to PMS-423, and given his old desk.

      Hears Twilight Zone theme music.


  3. Remember what a scary book Red Storm Rising was when it came out? With Islamic terrorists starting the ball rolling?