Hollywood Blacklist?


Actor James Woods thinks so.

After repeatedly criticizing President Barack Obama, actor James Woods suggested in a tweet late Tuesday that his politics may cost him work in Hollywood.

Woods has been critical of Obama before but in the past few days seems particularly incensed at the president’s handling of the partial government shutdown. He tweeted, for example: “This President is a true abomination. To have barricaded the WW2 vets, but allow illegal aliens privilege…”

Which, of course, indeed happened.  No surprise.  The WWII Veterans don’t support Obama overwhelmingly, and are dwindling in population.  So despite their service and sacrifice in saving our country from the nightmare of totalitarianism, they are of no use to Obama.  Illegal aliens?  Hoo baby.  Brother Barack can just SMELL the votes.   Buenos dias, muchachos!  Let’s move these elderly heroes aside to make room.   Too bad “Shutdown Theater” couldn’t include locking the White House, with Barack on the outside.

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One response to “Hollywood Blacklist?

  1. Jodito

    Absolutamente. ¡Hurra por Jaime!

    (Absolutely. Hooray for James!)