Catch the Zombies at 9pm EDT


It is the season premiere of The Walking Dead, the post-zombie apocalypse tale so artfully done on AMC.  Boston Maggie and I have had some knock-down drag-outs about who should have done what, and how to best prepare for the zombie apocalypse.   She is much better positioned in VA for it now, BTW, with a few hundred potential zombies and a lot more guns, than she would have been in Chaaaaaahhhhhhhlstown, with thousands of Irish zombies and Massachusetts gun laws.

If you missed the week-long Walking Dead Marathon, you will have to pick up tonight at 9, but you should be able to keep up.

By the way, Shane would have capped the Governor, first chance he got.  Just sayin’…..


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2 responses to “Catch the Zombies at 9pm EDT

  1. I concur on Shane and would have followed suit. But Otis wasn’t the Governor….was he?