Concealment =/= Cover

Here’s an interesting look at some of the penetration capabilities of various small arms. And if you stick with it to part 3, there’s some splodey thrown in for good measure.



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4 responses to “Concealment =/= Cover

  1. ultimaratioregis

    Precisely why I would be happy to carry my M-14 and schlep the extra eleven ounces of rifle, and heavier ammo, rather than that varmint gun, the M-16A2.

  2. David Navarre

    Wow. I had no understanding of the penetrating power small arms. I’d assumed that brick walls were cover, not just concealment. Great video lesson.

    Now I need to see if I can finds similar studies on the KAR 98 and MG42. I’m guessing that the results would be similar. The only saving grace for the GI would be the lower rate of fire of the bolt-action rifles. Oh, and I’m sure the M3 grease gun would have failed to penetrate far more often, offsetting some of its advantages.

  3. This is the coolest videos you have shown!
    BMG HB .50 went though everything leaving nothing but big holes behind.
    Understatement I’d say.

  4. Did anyone else notice in the first video in the first 30 seconds the narrator states that the “enemies don’t wear uniforms and buy their weapons over the internet”? Is anyone else a little bit disturbed by this along with other things coming out?