Raising the Debt Ceiling


Apparently, it is a matter of perspective.

Senator Barack Obama, 2006:

The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.  It is a sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills.

President Barack Obama, 2013:

To even entertain the idea of (not raising the debt ceiling) of the United States of America not paying its bills, is irresponsible.  It’s absurd.

Nary a peep from the sycophantic Mainstream Media regarding this stunning about-face.

H/T to Tom H


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5 responses to “Raising the Debt Ceiling

  1. David Navarre

    The one comeback I’ve heard from a liberal was, “Well, he didn’t shut down the government over it!” Of course, that’s because he couldn’t muster the votes, not because he didn’t want to. Reality is so confusing for some.


  2. The entire raving left (which includes the GOP establishment) has a very serious problem with reality.


  3. LIAR only needs 4 letters, as opposed to FIBBER, which needs 6, and uses up pixels better used for LOAD HEAT.


  4. If only there was an profession that would dispassionately investigate this truth anomoly. That profession could inform us of the negative ramifications of borrowing more money than can ever be repaid, and getting nothing worthwhile for all that spending. That profession could then report these dismaying findings to the public. Alas.


  5. Kathy

    The word PATHOLOGICAL doesn’t even begin to describe this mans behavior.