Law Enforcement Perfeshunal, Yessiree.

Impressive.  I bet CNN and Eric Holder will classify it as another school shooting.

He is the only one in the room professional enough to call a loaded weapon an empty weapon.  Well, along with the other “perfeshunal” out of view on the right.  Idiots like this are making arbitrary and capricious decisions about my (and your) right to keep and bear arms.

Stolen from SKK’s place.  Who got it from Ogrish.



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9 responses to “Law Enforcement Perfeshunal, Yessiree.

  1. Heh! We done disassembled the guy over at Susan’s place. You can hack at the corpse and we’ll watch.


  2. Like I said over there, this clip has been around for a long time.

    As for the owner of the Glock 40, he sued over the release of the vid. Dumbass.


  3. Lee Paige. The original Only One.


  4. Linky Love! Group hug!!!!! : D