With Friends Like Obama….


…who needs enemies?  Unfortunately, when you are Israel, you have plenty already.

Chalk up yet another foreign policy blunder for the Obama Administration.  Israel, not surprisingly, is quite unhappy with Obama and his cast of diplomatic nitwits for the revelation that it was the Israelis who struck at the column in Syria to destroy Russian-supplied missiles that were likely headed for Hezbollah, for launching at Israel.

Daniel noted that by keeping silent on whether it carried out such attacks, Israel was maintaining plausible deniability, so that Syria’s President Bashar Assad did not feel pressured to respond to the attacks.

But the US leaks “are pushing Assad closer to the point where he can’t swallow these attacks, and will respond.” This in turn would inevitably draw further Israeli action, Daniel posited, and added bitterly: “Then perhaps the US will clap its hands because it will have started a very major flare-up.”

Yuh huh.  It is entirely possible that Obama, Kerry, Rice, et al. are just so startlingly ignorant and arrogant as to miss the not-so-subtle subtleties of not pushing Assad into conflict with Israel.  It is also increasingly possible that Obama and his Administration seek to bring about just such a conflict.  Israel certainly has reason to openly wonder about the reliability and honesty of its American ally.   Is the Obama Administration rightfully perceived as being anti-Israel?

Which brings us to Iran, the elephant in that room.  With an understandable perception of Obama’s diplomacy as bumbling, naive, vacillating, and weak, Samantha Power’s remarks about Obama’s determination to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon are increasingly being seen as mere hollow bluster, yet another empty “red line” behind which there is neither the will nor (soon enough) the means to enforce any “change in calculus”.

The perception of weakness could harm US efforts to get Iran to end its nuclear push, Foxman warned. “I hope that we get our act together.”

I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it.  For that we need statesmanship.  And there is not a statesman in sight.  Not in this Administration, anyway.


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4 responses to “With Friends Like Obama….

  1. TrT

    Does Obama want a war?
    For all his talk of being the hope and change candidacy, its hard to look at a recent president with less legacy.
    Obamacare is a cluster****, Afghanistan will likely go down as the war Bush started and Obama lost and despite the herculean US efforts in Libya, Obama managed to wash his hands of any credit and the same goes for Mali (where was less US effort which was rather mercenary).

    He may have pinned his hopes on Syria, but for all his talk of being the first citizen of the world, he did bugger all to secure support from the UK or France before he made his move, simply expecting one or both to fall in line.
    If he still sees Syria as his place in the history books, maybe he really does want to provoke a general war?
    It probably erases much resistance in the US to yet another war and forces at least one regional power, possibly two, to get involved.

    It easy to say “no ones that stupid”, but your presidents life consists of school, community activism, teaching at school and being president.
    Then I was 16, I talked and acted like a 30 year old, because I had friends that age. If you took the average age of everyone in Obamas life, I wonder what age you would get. 22? 25?
    Did Obama ever grow up?

    Assad obviously doesnt want a shooting war with Israel, his forces would be crushed in hours. But a phoney war? It cant be that hard to convince the religiously motivated of the FSA to stop attacking Assad and start attacking Israel through Lebanon and Jordan


  2. JoshO

    Shit is there a capable statesman on either side of the aisle? They all look like a bunch of self serving climber career politicians to me. We’re losing all the old school folks who were life long public servants.


  3. NaCly Dog

    Policy by Random Chance would be better. So it’s not random. It is be design.

    The current administration has a world view and philosophy that is at odds with human nature, peace, and American Exceptionalism. See Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Gramsci, and Mussolini for details.