She Looks So Good in the Sunshine

4 Nov image

4 Nov image 2

…she should have her own Load HEAT!  Still oh-so lovely at 49!

Just sayin’.

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9 responses to “She Looks So Good in the Sunshine

  1. The carbon footprint of that thing must be monstrous. And you living in Vermont and all. Oh, the pain, the pain.

    How can you stand to live in that asylum without walls?

    • ultimaratioregis

      I gleefully tell the granola stinky-hippies how the manufacture of the battery ALONE in the Prius creates more pollution than this car will make if I drove it another twenty years. And then I tell them about the carbon-fiber process.

    • You’re cruel man Mr. URR. You must keep the squad on speed dial.

  2. And how do you hold the hippie still for that long? I have found that when you start using facts, they lose interest.

  3. My 1967 Mustang Fastback did NOT like changing direction at low speeds. I can just imagine what parallel parking that beastie must be like. Does Chief like to leave footie prints along the hood, and up the windshied as he climbs up to the warm roof? My Mustang was Nightmist Blue, a very dark blue, and Tyrone and Monty used to love sitting of the hood or roof on cold days.

    • ultimaratioregis

      Jackass is an indoor cat, thank goodness. The Buick handles beautifully at low speed, but it is a geometry problem to parallel park. She is 219 inches long, and 78 wide. Somewhat larger than today’s cars! :)

  4. I grew up with these cars and LUVed my ’63 Pontiac convertible – all maroon with white top and insides. Dream car to drive – but then, gas was about 18 cents a gallon;-( And, these dreamboats had enormous back seats – who could remember that and not smile.

  5. I have a 65 Ford Galaxie 500 sitting in my back yard. It was a project car I bought for 1700. It ran decent but the shifter linkage was/is messed up and it has a lot of rust. The plan was me and the kids fix it up to look like the Mayberry RFD Police Car that Andy drove maybe 3 times in the show, but with the emblems of my county Sheriffs office for our parades. We have about 8 parades a year here and they all include classic cars.

    However my health took a nose dive and after several procedures I don’t have the ability anymore to fix it up. Maybe some day I’ll win the lotto and can get it done up right.