Duffel Blog: Marine Corps Marathon Spawns Less-Successful Marine Corps Spelling Bee


“Spelling bees are basically memory exercises,” Marino explained on the last day of the tournament. “We’re all familiar with Kim’s Games, used by our Recon and Sniper Marines, and this is basically the same thing. I thought it would be a great chance to get the Corps some publicity in an area that doesn’t involve physical activity, and show people that we have strong minds in addition to healthy bodies.”

He then watched Staff Sgt. Alex Drost, an avid runner and weight-lifter who has competed in several amateur mixed-martial arts tournaments, struggling on-stage to spell the word “radio.”

While Headquarters Marine Corps initially joked that all the spelling bee would prove is that Marines can’t spell “defeat,” they grew more alarmed when it also proved that Marines can’t spell “Marines.” After several days they ordered the contest prematurely shut down.

Sempar FI!


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4 responses to “Duffel Blog: Marine Corps Marathon Spawns Less-Successful Marine Corps Spelling Bee

  1. Krag

    Thyss is vari innsluting two Marines uf whitch I r.


    “I, (state your name), swear..uhhhh….high-and-tight…. grunt… cammies….kill….fix bayonets….charge….slash….dig….burn….blowup….ugh…Air Force women….beer…..sailors wives…..air strikes….yes SIR!….whiskey….liberty call….salute….Ooorah Gunny….grenades…women….OORAH! So Help Me Chesty PULLER!”

    Thumb Print
    XX _________________________________
    Teeth Marks

    Why do marines think they are better than everyone else?
    “‘Cause R ooniforms R more perttier.”
    What happens to a soldier when he starts to believe his own B.S.?
    He becomes a marine.
    Why do the marines have the lowest intelligence test entry standards of all the services?
    Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.
    How do you get rid of a bunch of marines?
    Easy, just tell them that CNN is two blocks over.


  3. M1A1TrkTrror

    Wait, what?