President Barack Ortega?


Seems Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinistas are moving to quash term limits for the office of President.  He is already ruling by decree, with little restraint from any other branch of government.  Funny, how a corrupt and politicized judiciary, disdain for the legislative branch, and ignoring the Constitution can lead to a Marxist dictatorship.  Such an outcome occurs when a President rules instead of governing, a de facto state media is comprised of boot-licking toadies, and senior military commanders are yes-men fellow-travelers whose loyalty is to the dictator rather than the country or Constitution.  It is also where political opposition is treated as a national enemy, and dissenting voices are kowtowed by the use of government force, or the threat of force, to suppress them.

The constitution article in question prohibits consecutive presidential terms but in 2010 the supreme court overturned the ban, a ruling the electoral commission said was final. The ruling allowed Ortega to run for president for a second straight term in 2011.

Gabriel Alvarez, a constitutional law expert, said the proposal would only formalise the supreme court’s decision, which Ortega’s opponents contend was illegal and made by a heavily politicised judiciary.

How long before Barack Obama thinks this is a neat idea and begins selling it to the voting public?   Here’s betting he will sell it as an “American tradition”.  Not mentioning, of course, that it is a tradition of Latin America.  Vaminos, muchachos.   We have wealth redistribution, expropriation from the Bourgeoisie, and Land Reform to inflict.


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3 responses to “President Barack Ortega?

  1. Just like France way back when.


  2. We’re go’n to party like it’s 1917! What king of party? Communist Party. Woo hoo, can you dig it?



    I am sure they are working overtime to figure out how to make him President For Life. The Democrats are now the Evil Party.