HMS Acasta: 7 Stupid things asked of Historical Reenactors

As reenactors we work with the public at historic sites and events all over. We invest small fortunes and zillions of hours of research to make sure that we are dressed and outfitted properly in order to teach history to the masses. Sometimes the public will ask really thoughtful, intelligent questions…

…and then, there\’s everyone else.

via HMS Acasta: 7 Stupid things asked of Historical Reenactors.

I thought this was worth sharing, especially the comments. I was in the SCA during my college days, and I’ve been to enough National Park Ranger talks that I’ve heard some lulus. I heard the one about Gettysburg and “how did they fight around all these monuments?”


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  1. I used to be involved in the exploration and mapping in Mammoth Cave. We were doing some work in one of the main passages used for the tourist routes, can’t remember what, and the policy was we were to be unseen by the touristas, so we dashed into one of the side passages and had a seat while we waited for them to go by. We didn’t keep up with what tour was which and the tour that came along was one that used the benches there for a break and spiel from the Ragers acting as guides. When they took questions one of the questions was “is the whole cave underground?”

    I am not making that up.


    • This fired another synapse. I wasn’t there for this one, but Mr. RFH was. He took visiting family up to Lynchburg, TN to tour the Jack Daniels distillery. Lynchburg is in a dry county. Part of the spiel that they repeat several times is that it’s “seven miles and fourteen steps to the nearest place that sells Jack Daniels.” At the end of the tour, a woman asked if they sold any Jack Daniels there, and the tour guide very patiently repeated, “it’s seven miles and fourteen steps to the nearest store…”


    • That’s some weapons-grade stupid there.