LCS Failure- Part…. I dunno, I’ve lost count of how many times the damn thing has broken down on its maiden deployment.

Rather blatantly stolen from H_K at CDR Sal’s.


“As more people crowd coastal areas amid less stable global weather patterns, the need for humanitarian and disaster relief operations is increasing, especially in Southeast Asia. Ships rotationally deployed in Singapore will be poised to use their speed and proximity to respond during the initial stages of a disaster when assistance is desperately needed.”


Littoral Combat Ship (LCS-1) USS Freedom is in need of yet another set of repairs in order to leave its Singapore pier and get to sea, U.S. Navy officials say.

The ship has been plagued by problems during its first Western Pacific deployment.

Speaking Nov. 11 about the most recent incident, Lt. Cmdr. Clayton Doss says that “while USS Freedom (LCS-1) was pierside in Singapore on Nov. 10 conducting steering checks in preparation for the next day’s underway, the port steerable waterjet feedback cable stopped sending signals to indicate the waterjet’s position. Until repairs are accomplished, the crew cannot steer the port waterjet remotely from the bridge.”

“These checks were conducted two days earlier without any issues,” he says. “The system appeared to be working properly up until this problem occurred. The ship has requested technical assistance to replace the damaged feedback cable.”

Flawed concept, no mission modules, overly complicated engineering in the quest for speed of dubious tactical value, and a terrible maintenance concept.

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3 responses to “LCS Failure- Part…. I dunno, I’ve lost count of how many times the damn thing has broken down on its maiden deployment.

  1. Typical Big Navy Larry light bulb scheme.

  2. Stormy

    So the fact that it has a huge mission bay, small boats, large flight deck for multi-helo ops, and could have used that superior speed to make the 1500 or so nmi dash to Leyte with much needed aid …. oh never mind.

  3. elizzar

    The design for the forthcoming Type 26 ‘Global Combat Ship’ (unfortunate name) is looking actually quite good – sort of mini-Type 45, some stealth features etc. We’re going to be using it as a frigate but I think it could work for the LCS role in the US navy. License it / build in tandem, you can slap a bigger gun on, and maybe we can then build a few more than planned, and get the Royal Navy bigger instead of smaller, whilst you can have a ship that works. Bonza :-)