World War I Reinterpreted

As a bar fight.


Belgium’s mother warned him about going into places like that, because “they’re nothing but trouble”.   And Italy will be back the next night with his beer muscles on, and pick a fight with Ethiopia, who promptly kicks him in the nuts….

H/T Boston Maggie


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7 responses to “World War I Reinterpreted

  1. My own ignorance about the experience of Belgium in this war was shocking. I read “Guns of August” back in August because someone suggested that Syria sounded a whole lot like 1914 (people needing to go to war to maintain their credibility). I was amazed at the fight they put up despite how badly they were outnumbered and how routinely the Germans executed civilians and burned cities to the ground. The Germans continued doing the same in areas they took in France.

    Since the German atrocities in WWI were never covered when I was in school, their actions in the second war seemed even harder to understand. Now that I understand that the German Army had no problem executing civilians or burning cities to the ground based on “sniper fire” which may or may not have been directed at German soldiers and may or may not have been from partisans, the atrocities committed by the SS don’t seem that much of an aberration.


  2. Paul L. Quandt

    That sounds pretty much like what happened. Except for the tens of millions of people who died. And, of course, the stupidity continued so that more tens of millions of people died twenty-some years later.



  3. That’s another way of looking at it. It was a family spat. I think all the crowned heads were related to Queen Victoria.

    From my own researches, a lot of the atrocities the Germans were accused of were overblown. The 6 million Jews thing also started in 1919. There is no doubt that civilians were killed, and some were killed as a result of partisan actions, but the accusations of promiscuous atrocities that allied partisans liked bandy about were were made up of whole cloth as was the killing of 6 million Jews in WW1.


    • dmo

      “The 6 million Jews thing also started in 1919.”

      I think it’s awesome how you hid your Holocaust Denial in a load of BS like that…….


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  5. There was considerable Allied propaganda about German atrocities during World War I. Certainly there was bad stuff done (the so-called Rape of Belgium in the opening months of the war, for example), but there were numerous reports of German soldiers commiting acts such as crucifying civilians and enemy soldiers on trees or barns, for example, actions that were never proven and almost certainly didn’t happen.

    I have to believe that all the propaganda put out about the “savage Hun” in the First World War had to have made it more difficult to believe the initial reports about actual atrocities being committed by Nazis troops during World War II.


  6. David Navarre

    While the propaganda certainly exaggerated what happened, recent scholarship into German records have confirmed that the Germans committed large-scale deliberate atrocities in Belgium. Even the Germans acknowledged 4400 executions and the bruning of Leuven. So, contending that 5000-6000 executions occurred (which sounds like atrocities to me) doesn’t seem much of a stretch. Certainly, not quite what British propaganda claimed, but I think referring to it as “bad stuff” and the “so-called” Rape of Belgium diminishes the actual impact.