Obamacare website-maker runs failed Army program | The Daily Caller

The company that earned the no-bid contract to build the failed Obamacare website also runs the Army’s disastrous Human Terrain System in Iraq and Afghanistan, which has been accused of fraud, sexual harassment and racism.

The much-maligned Human Terrain System (HTS), launched in 2007, sends academics from social science fields like anthropology and linguistics into war zones to help soldiers understand the local population. The Army spent $58 million on the program in 2013, down from $114 million in 2011.

CGI Federal, the U.S. arm of the Canadian CGI Group and the designer of the failed Obamacare website, attempted a failed turnaround in HTS during the Obama administration. The young company, which employs Michelle Obama’s former Princeton classmate and Christmas guest Toni Townes-Whitley as a top executive, received eight figures from the Army in 2013 for the project, records reveal.

via Obamacare website-maker runs failed Army program | The Daily Caller.

CGI Federal, unlike most IT businesses, seems to have a unique business model. Most IT firms concentrate on deliverables, on time, on budget.

But CGI Federal is a business geared to contracting with… well, Federal Government. And so their business model seems to be focused on writing winning bids. Product be damned.

Maybe we should get these jerks to run the Iranian nuke program.

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3 responses to “Obamacare website-maker runs failed Army program | The Daily Caller

  1. NaCly Dog

    This is not a coincidence. Where is their COTR?

  2. scottthebadger

    It’s run by a Princeton classmate of Michelle Obama’s. Not that that makes any difference.

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