Tech Bleg

Update: Fixed!~ Thanks to GregC for the help.

I recently replaced the hard drive on my laptop. An old Seagate 160gig with a Western Digital 500gig.

I cloned the drive and got it installed and it runs great.

The problem is, Windows Explorer still thinks it has a 160gig capacity. BIOS recognizes it as 500gig. When I go into hardware settings, the system recognizes the drive as Western Digital, but still thinks it only has a 160gig capacity.

Any suggestions?

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6 responses to “Tech Bleg

  1. GregC

    While the physical drive is bigger, I bet the disk cloning program simply cloned the old 160 GB PARTITION from the old drive to the new drive. I think you’ll find you have roughly 340 GB of unused (unformatted) space.

  2. GregC

    Happy to help!

  3. Esli

    I suggest you refrain from further posts of this nature…