M202 Flash

One of the funner things I got to shoot as a young Lightfighter in Hawaii  was the M202 Flash “flamethrower.”

Basically a box of four rocket tubes, the launcher fired a 66mm rocket (based on the M72 LAW) with an incendiary warhead.

We shot them on the range, but I don’t recall ever even seeing any plans for using them in wartime. If I had to guess, I think we were primarily just shooting off some old stocks before they were withdrawn from service.

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4 responses to “M202 Flash

  1. Stormy

    Couldn’t help but notice the range was in a dried-out forest as the flaming chunks of Wp traced an arc through the pine-boughs!

    • It’s actually a more exotic filler, TEA – triethylaluminum- which burns on contact with air. But your point about the likelihood of Range Control shutting them down very shortly is pretty valid.

    • IT doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a range fire going. I saw them every time my unit went to live fire at either Shelby, or Campbell. Fortunately things were wet enough to keep them from getting away from us.

  2. Buck Buchanan

    Best FLASH gunner in our rifle company when I was a lieutenant?

    The company Medic.

    Dude could drop a rocket into the hatch of the tank hulks on the range as targets from 200 – 250 meters away.