Put ‘er There, Pal!


When asked by ABC’s Jonathan Karl about President Obama shaking hands with the dictator of a brutally repressive Communist regime, the ironically-named White House Spokesman Josh Earnest gave what amounted to a rambling diatribe that never answered the question about whom Obama would NOT shake hands with.


According to Earnest, it is inappropriate to compare the Obama-Castro handshake to Chamberlain and Hitler.  Because, well, pressing the flesh with a  brutal dictator shouldn’t be compared to , umm, pressing the flesh with a brutal dictator.

With this guy pinch-hitting for the Carney show, it is tough to tell if he is Joshing, or if he is Earnest.   But we do know the answer to Jonathan Karl’s question.  Who wouldn’t Obama shake hands with?  The world leaders at Maggie Thatcher’s funeral.  Because he didn’t bother to go.


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3 responses to “Put ‘er There, Pal!

  1. Who wouldn’t Obama shake hands with?

    Our country’s allies.