Crushing cans

The Shell Buckling Knockdown Factor tests have been used to update the models and equations for designing structures and tanks, most of which had not been changed since the 1960’s. This is mainly being done for the Space Launch System, but it’s applicable to any new rocket. I wrote about the first test in 2011 here and here. Yesterday’s test article had a different pattern of stiffeners.

Video from last time. The sound of failing welds is pretty cool.

Yesterday, according to the test director on Facebook, “The test article made it to 127% of maximum load, we had predicted 115%. The buckling behavior was very similar to what was predicted and included progressive buckling of 4 of the eight weld lands.”


Pocket buckling

The crushing required force in excess of 800,000 lbs. :)


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4 responses to “Crushing cans

  1. I’ve never seen the term “weld land.” What is being referred to?



    The root of the weld. I think it means it failed where the large sections were joined together and not at a manufacturing flaw.


  3. Jeff Gauch

    Do they rent it out? Because I’ve got this load of beer cans…