Load HEAT- Lauren Cohan

The American-born and UK-raised actress has been in a number of things, including Vampire Diaries, apparently.  But I didn’t see her until she was cast as Maggie in the über-hit zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead.  She plays a superb part as Maggie Greene, the daughter of the recently-departed Hershel Greene, and Glen’s “wife” (as much as there is marriage in the zombie apocalypse).   She somehow manages to still look lovely in the Georgia heat, sans shower, hacking the heads off of the undead.   But when I saw her on The Talking Dead, all made up, I almost fell off my chair.

lauren c 8


lauren-cohan 5


lauren c 2


lauren cohan

lauren c 7

lauren c 4

Lauren Cohen in Esquire, February 2013

If one has to repopulate the earth to prevent the extinction of humans, Lauren Cohan is a very good woman to have around.    Just sayin’.


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3 responses to “Load HEAT- Lauren Cohan

  1. Only thing I don’t like is her footwear :D


  2. Bill

    High heels are not zombie appropriate wear for the former Bella Talbot (Supernatural)?


  3. Al_in_Ottawa

    She played Bela Talbot in Supernatural about 5-6 years ago. One of many beautiful women who are cast on that show.