Chicago Launches Pilot Program to Control Rats

Let’s face it, my state is a national joke. Even worse, my city is a national laughing stock. If I started a blog just detailing the shenanigans in the city, well, I’d have no time to save the world a nautical mile at a time or, for that matter, have a social life.

Also, I’d end up face face down in the Chicago River…but I digress…


There are some bright spots but this isn’t one of them:

The city renown for its political corruption has launched a 10-week pilot program to help control the city’s rat population — the rodent kind.

To accomplish this, the infamously crooked Chicago streets and sanitation dispatches a rodent baiting crew to locations identified by service requests. The city also analyzes thousands of calls to predict complaints.

Yeah it’s funded through one of the fascist dictator commissar Bloomberg’s charities but still, this is another example of just how clueless the ruling class is in this city and now, through no small amount vote fraud, nationally.

So in that spirit, the funniest comment wins the internet. Have at it!



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6 responses to “Chicago Launches Pilot Program to Control Rats

  1. Are they going to start at the Mayor’s office? I mean start from the top right!


  2. NaCly Dog

    What’s next? Bounty Hunters – Rats in Chicago version?


  3. LynnFoster

    When I was in Bosnia in 1997 our Base Camp (McGovern) developed a rat problem. The O5 TF CDR instituted a very detailed program prohibiting food being taken out of the Chow Hall or to be in tents at any time. Detailed, printed copies, preset punishments. Nothing worked for a week or so.

    Then the local Bosnian contractors cooking for Brown & Root brought in two cats. Immediate cessation of rat problem


  4. David Navarre

    Interestingly, I read the greatest concentration of complaints is in the vicinity of 3 establishments: The Booby Trap, The Landing Strip and The Hopenchange Gentlemen’s Club. Baiting crews are stationed there 24/7/365.


  5. There will be no improvement until a crash program to control the two legged rats is implemented. That problem has metastasized throughout the US.