The ASVAB and the AFQT

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is used to determine a potential recruit’s capacity to absorb the technical training involved in any particular military occupation. Four components of the battery of tests are used to determine basic knowledge, and eligibility for enlistment. This portion is known as the Armed Forces Qualification Test, or AFQT.

See how well you do.

I missed one. But in my defense, it was an algebra question. There’s not a lot of algebra in the Infantry.


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3 responses to “The ASVAB and the AFQT

  1. Bill

    Missed 2. Though I question the PC question I missed. 283.


  2. Al_in_Ottawa

    I screwed up the algebra question too. So 303. If I had taken the test when I was fresh out of high school it would have been lower.


  3. I missed the one about “Spooky Furniture” in his head. I’d never heard that term used before and guessed from the context that he was anxious about his surroundings rather than mentally unstable. I think it could be taken either way.

    I scored 99 the last time I took the ASVAB in ’85. When my son went in the Army Reserve, his recruiter and I talked after we put him on the bus to go to the MEPS in Columbus, OH. After my son got back 2 days later, the recruiter told him he had scored the same as I did, and he was crestfallen. Until he told my son he could not have scored higher.