Golf in Wartime England


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by | December 27, 2013 · 5:26 am

5 responses to “Golf in Wartime England

  1. scottthebadger

    #7 doesn’t seem quite fair. That is quite beyond the control of the golfer.

    • ultimaratioregis

      Sorta makes the clicking cameras that Tiger gets mad at seem inconsequential, dunnit?

    • I have little sympathy for anyone having their stroke badly affected by bombs detonating. If they have so little sense as to be out when bombs are going off, you deserve the penalty just for stupidity.

      OTOH, I have utterly no sympathy for Tiger Woods.

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. They forgot guidelines on when to yell “FORE!,” and when to yell “INCOMING!!”