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The time has come: Military health and pension benefits, which have more than doubled in the past decade, should be reduced as the defense budget comes down, said a whopping 90 percent majority of National Journal\’s National Security Insiders.

Pentagon leaders have been calling for changes to curb the skyrocketing compensation costs, which threaten to usurp other key priorities in the defense budget during austere times—even training for combat operations and weapons procurement. But reform efforts have been complicated in part because military-personnel issues are a political landmine on Capitol Hill. In the budget deal clinched by Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Paul Ryan, however, members did take a step to cut benefits to military retirees, albeit slightly, decreasing the annual cost-of-living adjustment for working-age military retirees by 1 percent, which would cut roughly $6 billion in spending over the next decade.

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The budget deal was round one of impacts on your compensation. The GOP has long been seen as unwilling to make cuts or adjustments to compensation. The budget deal has changed that.

The enormous debt of the nation is (rightly) seen by many as a far more lethal long term threat to the nation than any outside force. And that means everything is on the table for cuts.

You will immediately reply that welfare, food stamps, aid to illegal immigrants should be cut first. And I’d agree with you.

But with an active force of less than 1% of the population, and retirees being a similarly small slice of the population, they don’t have the votes to influence the p0pulation like the 47% that receive some form of assistance.




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  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

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    No prob, everything must be on the table, but why don’t we cut welfare first? That’s right Mils are historically Rep and Welfies are historically Dems.


  3. ultimaratioregis

    I dunno. I think this will be like skunk spray for a lot of candidates and office holders. Americans view this as inherently unfair, and while there are very few affected, when the real cost numbers for the pinched benefits are revealed, (a rounding error in the Federal budget and little more in the DoD budget) it will leave a very bad taste in people’s mouths.


  4. Esli

    $6 billion over ten years? Yet, I just read that we have spent $7.5 billion in the last three years to combat global warming in other countries. Sad.
    Having put 24 years into this army thing (and counting), I’ve decided that I’m going to stay in afterall… However, I am willing to see my numbers cut, if it was across the government and not just DOD. It pisses me off to see the same group that perhaps sacrificed much more than most being asked to do the heavy lifting….again.
    I really don’t know why “we” couldn’t just say to every federal department of X: “Cut your budgets by ten percent next year; you figure it out.” Same for all expenditures and debt-incurring programs. Just across-the-board cut them all. And then cut them again the following year. Then get crazy and put a flat tax rate or federal sales tax in place that taxes us all (our “fair share” and all).