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I missed this report from a couple days ago:

The State Department is not commenting on reports that Secretary of State John Kerry’s proposed framework for a final peace deal between Israel and a Palestinian state that would have American troops pulling security in the Jordan Valley.

Kerry supposedly would have U.S. troops in the Jordan Valley to prevent anti-Israel elements coming out of Jordan reaching Israel through the new state, according to reports in the London-based daily A-Sharq al-Awsat and Debkafile, an Israeli intelligence and security news service.

Both outlets indicated Kerry’s move was owed to Palestinian insistence that Israel remove all its forces and settlements from the valley as part of a final peace deal.

via Reports: Kerry Would Put US Troops in Palestine | DoD Buzz.

Has there been a single thought from the State Department in the last five years that isn’t incredibly stupid, on its face?

Do I have to explain that within days, radical elements of the Palestinians would begin a campaign against US forces? Those same US forces would almost certainly be handicapped by onerous Rules of Engagement to the point of being little more than targets?

This isn’t like the MNFO in the Sinai, where Egypt was a relatively stable state actor the wanted to disengage from costly fighting with Israel. Half the Palestinian people see their sole purpose as fighting to destroy Israel, and if the US is seen as being their protector, then they must be attacked as well. Have none of these people studied the deeply flawed US deployment to Lebanon?



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  1. scottthebadger

    As Leftists, they don’t care. They have already made up their minds, and don’t want to be bothered with the truth, as it is immaterial.


  2. “Have none of these people studied the deeply flawed US deployment to Lebanon?”
    Even if they have, do you think it would stop them from wasting lives and lucre to further themselves politically, no matter how fleeting?


  3. M1A1TrkTrror



  4. I hate him! Hate him! HATE HIM!!!!


  5. P. Lee

    Vietnam John Kerry vs Syria John Kerry “Criminal Hypocrisy”


  6. Bill

    There is no such thing as “Palestine”. That is Arab-occupied Judea and Samaria.


  7. This isn’t about “peace” – Obama is desperately searching for a legacy. Obamacare was to be it, but, well. . .