First, thank goodness URR and Spill have been posting. I’ve been a tad harried lately. I’ve got some interesting stuff coming soon ( I hope!) but haven’t had the time to catch my breath, let alone write.

Plus, I absolutely had to watch the Season 5 premiere of Justified. Nick Searcy’s nude scene was a lot more tasteful than I expected. And tonight is the premiere of the lovely Sophia Bush’s new series, Chicago PD. So there’s that. And catching up on Sherlock.

And that doesn’t even get into all reading I need to catch up on!

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6 responses to “Sorry

  1. ultimaratioregis

    You got Corporal Agarn and dancing chickens. Not exactly Bill Buckley.

  2. You’ve been busy? Sorry, I’ve been shopping.


  3. Esli

    I’d be very disappointed if any of my infantry said anything like this post.