Every Now and Then, the Veil Drops


…and you see how positively intolerant those who define themselves to be “liberal” truly are.

Those “liberals” who wish vile outrage and harm to those they disagree with politically, or to their loved ones.   And others, also “liberals”, who actually advocate the punishment, even execution of those whom are skeptical of the pseudo-science of global warming.

Andrew Cuomo, the uber-liberal New York Governor, declared that his state has no place for people who do not think as he does.  The Washington Examiner has the story.   The newscast video is definitely worth the time.  Some of the rebuttal commentary is excellent.

Of course, Cuomo was quick to pull the veil back up, trying to distance himself from his intolerance and hateful rhetoric.  Because Cuomo is a hypocrite and a coward, without the spine to stand behind his remarks.  And, just as predictably, the American news media has buried the story.  (But you can find some reality contestant’s “anti-gay” remarks anywhere.)  Nonetheless, Cuomo has stated rather unequivocally that pro-life and pro-Second Amendment Americans, and Americans who believe homosexuality to be wrong, Americans who are law-abiding citizens, are not welcome in the State of New York.  Because he disagrees with them.

So the next time a liberal begins to lecture sanctimoniously about tolerance and acceptance, refer him/her to Andrew Cuomo, or Martin Bashir, or Allan Brauer, or Al Gore, or Steve Zwick, or Chuck Schumer, or Janet Napolitano, or…..

And maybe ask them to explain why, for the Left, “tolerance” seems so much like tyranny.   Andrew Cuomo believes that only those who hold his opinions are welcome.

Jonah Goldberg calls it “Liberal Fascism”.    Perhaps the slogans painted on the buildings in New York may read “Cuomo Ha Sempre Ragione!”

Ahh, “liberals”.  The face behind the veil is a familiar one.


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2 responses to “Every Now and Then, the Veil Drops

  1. It isn’t hard to tell that what Cuomo said was they way libtards think and feel. On rare occasions, however, they make it explicit and give themselves away.