Anthony Weiner and wife search for cheaper Manhattan pad


Times are hard for Anthony and Huma Weiner. Apparently their income has gone flaccid and they need to find a new place. We shouldn’t be too hard on them though, I’m sure they’ll pull it out.

Disregarding the “slippery when wet” signage, Anthony Weiner is still recovering from a fall he took on the steps of the old condo and because of that he’s been walking with a bit of a limp lately. We think Weiner will recover quickly though as it’s tough to keep him down. Rumors that the condo searched lasted all night are apparently not true.

Sources say that Weiner is earning between $300k and $400 per year which is a lot of bones for a political consultant. That’s caused some controversy amongst critics who expected him to pull out of politics. However others expect him to explode on the face of MSNBC, making occasional appearances.

In truth we are a little worried about Weiner as living in Manhattan condos means you’re going to blow a wad of cash…all at once. We do hope that he does have some financial stamina. Although given the current fiscal health of the country he may be faking it and may need to find another job to pump up his finances.

Oh Anthony Weiner you are the joke that keeps on giving.

That was for you Denise :)


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  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

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  2. Well-said. Hoomaweener (it just sounds better that way) and her Muslim Brotherhood family should invite them to live in a dusty hole in the wall in Riyadh. I am sure he would be popular there.


  3. This post should come with a Spew Alert.


  4. Wiener is really taking a beating. Nothing good will come out of it.


  5. Y’all think you’re so slick, but I see what y’all are doing there.