Can’t Face the Nation; CBS Edits out Senator’s Comments on Obama Abuse of Power

It seems Ted Cruz had a little more to say than CBS thought prudent to allow, given their unequivocal loyalty to Barack Obama and all things far-left.    Newsbusters has the story.  (Which was nearly impossible to find in any mainstream media news source.)  In the clip below, Schieffer tries to cut off Senator Cruz, but cannot get him off the air fast enough.   However, Cruz’s remarks posed no real problem, as CBS decided to edit out the following:

What was aired as the interview with Ted Cruz was edited to be deliberately misleading, yet again.  The salient issue of Barack Obama’s epidemic abuse of power and stifling of dissenting free speech was not at all something that CBS cared to be caught addressing, so the portion of Senator Cruz’s remarks that were shown did not even hint at the issue.


CBS is, of course, the network of Dan Rather, the very same network (with Rather’s connivance) that fabricated documents on the military service of then-candidate incumbent George W. Bush to discredit him in the weeks before the 2000 2004 election.  Though Rather denied involvement, I believe him to be untruthful in that assertion, and believe him to have been complicit in the attempted character assassination.  Rather was and remains a despicable individual with little trace of integrity.  (He for years passed himself off as a former Marine, but the story eventually came to the fore that he was a wash-out from Boot Camp in 1954.)


Bob Schieffer is also a liar, having been a willing part of a deliberate and partisan deception, to conceal the fact that a United States Senator was willing to publicly voice concerns over Obama’s unconstitutional and dangerous persecution of dissenting voices.    Whatever credibility Schieffer had, and it was precious little at a place like CBS, is completely dissolved.  Schieffer is not to be trusted, for he hasn’t the moral courage to honestly portray a conversation with a sitting US Senator in his role as news commentator.

Barack Obama, for his part, has consistently abused government power to punish political opponents in the finest tin-pot dictatorship style.  He has assiduously avoided the truth in the IRS scandal, the many misdeeds of his race-baiting Attorney General, the NSA, Benghazi, Syria, Iran, and just about everything else he says to the American people.  Tomorrow night’s State of the Union is likely to be a mix of wildly slanted interpretation and pure fiction.   Not a peep of complaint or criticism will come from Obama’s legion of loyal (and possibly frightened) network news anchors and addle-headed Hollywood sycophants.

But Ted Cruz is entirely correct.  The outcry would have been positively deafening had GW Bush considered visiting retribution upon Michael Moore and Sean Penn.   Then again, perhaps Obama can blame his predecessor for leaving relatively intact the concept of civil liberties.  After all, it is damned inconvenient when one is trying to shape the authoritarian secular-progressive communist paradise of Obama’s “fundamentally transformed” America.   Whatever problem those pesky freedoms end up causing our Dear Leader, we know that CBS certainly isn’t to blame.


Right on cue, CBS declares that the edits to Senator Cruz’s remarks were not politically driven.   Good one, fellas.  Neither was the fabrication of the CBS “documents” to discredit George Bush.

This is the network that lost a libel settlement to a US Army General because of their partisanship and lack of integrity.  You have to go some to do that.  But they did.



4 responses to “Can’t Face the Nation; CBS Edits out Senator’s Comments on Obama Abuse of Power

  1. scottthebadger

    Remember how we trusted Walter Cronkite? If Walter Cronkite had said that he had seen the sun come up in the West that morning, well, clearly the Earth had reversed rotation during the night. Pity he turned out to be a liberal weasel, too.


  2. Rathergate was during the run up to the 2004 elections. Making George W. Bush an incumbent, not a candidate.
    Remember it was Crazy Chuckies moment of fame at LGF?


    • This is an industry given special protection under our Constitution. The protection was so the press could act as a feedback mechanism, informing the public on a reality that polititians and others want to keep hidden.

      Their job today is to lie and indoctrinate. Orwell was prescient in today’s doublethink and memory hole called the press.

      At least bloggers can still get the truth out.


    • ultimaratioregis

      Yeah, I seem to recall something… fixed it, thanks!