Trooping the Line

Nils Olav the Penguin inspects the Kings Guard of Norway at Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland.
The King’s Guard adopted the penguin as their mascot in 1972 during a visit to Edinburgh for the annual Military Tattoo. The tradition has stuck and each time the Guards visit the city, Nils Olav is promoted and invited to inspect the troops once more.
Have a great weekend everyone!
Picture by Mark Owens, MoD

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8 responses to “Trooping the Line

  1. The penguin seems impressed with the M-1 Garand rifles that the King’s Guard of Norway are turned out with. As well he should be.

    • scottthebadger

      Probably thinking to himself, : “You could really mess up a Leopard Seal with one of those”. Mind you, with his stature, he would need a Tanker M-1.

  2. Last I heard, he was a Colonel. He must be a Brigadier now.

  3. scottthebadger

    An actual Bird Colonel!