SWAT-in’ Up in The People’s Republic of Massachusetts

Ma State Police MRAP

Ma State Police MRAP  2

I caught this little buggy on I-95 in Maryland, headed north, obviously.  (Those are MA State Police plates.)  And again, in CT, where I snapped these pictures through my windshield.

The Massachusetts State Police, it seems, have acquired at least one MRAP.  This, in a state where a law-abiding citizen is all but forbidden to own a gun, let alone carry one.  And, in many towns, if the Police Chief doesn’t feel you “need” one, then there is no “all but”, because you will not be issued a Firearms Identification Card, and denied firearm ownership.  But the State Cops?  They get armored vehicles made to stop a rocket-propelled grenade and 7.62 SLAP rounds.


“Cadillac” Deval Patrick, the Massachusetts Governor, is super-tight with President Barack Obama.  They share skin color, and the same obsession with that skin color.  They share a socialist-communist progressive political viewpoint.  They also share the philosophy that political opponents are to be treated as enemies.  And now Patrick is ensuring his State Police force now has the weapons it needs to suppress the dangerous elements of the Massachusetts electorate who dare challenge the omnipotence of the state.

It is axiomatic that whatever capabilites Law Enforcement entities acquire, they will find a way to use them, even if that use is more than a little ex post facto justification for having such capability.  Some Barney Fife somewhere will insist upon it.   Hollywood’s portrayal notwithstanding, the number of Massachusetts State Police Officers killed in the line of duty totals just 41 in the century and a half since its founding in 1865.  The vast preponderance of these deaths in the line of duty have been accidental, with motorcycle accidents (13) accounting for more than twice the number killed by gunfire (6) in those 150 years.   That’s right, just SIX Massachusetts State Police Officers have been killed by gunfire in the line of duty.  Only three in the last 31 years.

But they now have MRAPs.  At least one.  And no, I don’t care in the slightest if DoD GAVE them to the State Police.  Operation and maintenance costs aside, there is no need for such vehicles to be in the possession of law enforcement of any kind in MA.  Give them to the National Guard, or foreign military sales.  Because in the hands of cops, under the rubric of “safety”, they will surely wind up on the streets of the Commonwealth, either in a wildly overblown response to an incident, or as a means of intimidation of the population, who could do little to nothing in response to such a capability.

Cadillac Deval wants to play with MRAPs?  I’d take up a collection to ship him and his Personal Security Detail, and that MRAP, to Helmand, or South Sudan, or Northern Nigeria, or Mali, so he can tool around in a place where his new toy is more appropriate.  He might even get to see if it can stop an RPG.  Or five.   Because that MRAP sure as hell doesn’t belong on the streets of cities and towns in Massachusetts.

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20 responses to “SWAT-in’ Up in The People’s Republic of Massachusetts

  1. I cannot see any reason for any police department to have an MRAP. (Unless the Democrats are planning for there BEING a need, if they don’t get their way.). I see no application for it. You cannot patrol in one, it’s so obvious anyone you would be looking for would be long gone before it was anywhere near him. An argument can be made for possession of something armored, to rescue people in hazardous situations, but an MRAP sits so high that it couldn’t do it, and law enforcement armored vehicles already exist, that are low enough to function as rescue vehicles.
    If an incident arises where you are completely outgunned, create a perimeter, isolate, and call in the Guard. I am a former Deputy Sheriff, and I would not want one of those things around me. MRAPs are only good for offensive military patrols, and that is not a message I want to be sending to the people I am protecting.

  2. M1A1TrkTrror

    I fail to see how this is different from police forces that use armored swat vans, or even those that have a 113 (or even armored car services that transport cash). It’s an armored truck, it’s not a tank, and if you’re seriously concerned about the citizen’s ability to impede such a vehicle if the need arises, well, Afghans and Iraqis have been doing just fine when they find the need.

    If you’re concerned about the overall militarization of police, sure, that’s legitimate, but I don’t think that adding a free MRAP is markedly different from already reasonable vehicles in police inventories. I just don’t see an MRAP adding any capability that isn’t already there. It’s a road-bound, top-heavy vehicle designed to be proof against small arms fire, and the MAXX-Pro vehicle they have here isn’t even (in my experience) the most effective of what’s available (very partial to the RG series, although Cougars have nice seats and restraint harnesses).

    • M1A1TrkTrror

      Also, without the cage armor, you know very well this thing isn’t stopping any RPG rounds.

    • ultimaratioregis

      I don’t believe any police force in MA needs a 113 either.

      “Afghans and Iraqis have been doing just fine…”

      Precisely the point. Militarization of the police, of which acquisition of MRAPs is another indicator. Hearing them call themselves “operators” and non-cops “civilians” has a much more sinister context than most admit. Wanna be an “operator”? Join the military. Because, they are civilians, too. Period. So why is there a need in MA for an MRAP?

    • M1A1TrkTrror

      I agree wholeheartedly that there are some attitudes that might need to change in certain police forces with regard to how they interact with the community. Although I hate buzzwords, community policing is really the only effective way to do things with and effect real change with the tools cops have available to them.

      But this isn’t anything but an armored truck. It has no offensive capabilities unique to the platform and if it was free, then it’s going to make a hell of a lot more fiscal sense than purchasing an armored swat van.

    • ultimaratioregis

      Navistar claims protection against RPGs. I move that Cadillac Deval and his State House Politburo go find out for themselves.

    • M1A1TrkTrror

      This thing isn’t proof against anything bigger than 7.62 (and that 7.62 better be past 300 meters). The only advantages this has over a 113 or Bradley in country are ease of maintenance due to being wheeled, lower weight so you can go over more shitty Afghan roads, and the big one, the v-shaped hull for blast deflection. Claims of RPG protection should be asterisked because you’ll need the slat armor for that.

    • ultimaratioregis

      The MaxxPro has a loaded weight of almost 22 tons. The weapon station is designed to house a HMG or Mk19. And last I checked, the MA State Police were hardly short of BATTs.

    • ultimaratioregis

      Well, if the MRAP is so lousy, why do they need it? And my concern is not whether Navistar accurately portrayed its capabilities. It is that such capabilities do not belong in the hands of civilian law enforcement in the same state where the government is openly disarming the populace.

    • M1A1TrkTrror

      I didn’t say it’s lousy, just that it’s not really anything different in capability from an armored swat van (and that this model isn’t my favorite of what’s available, but that’s from a standpoint my experience with these during military operations). The “weapon station” is a pintle mount. There is no sophisticated fire control system, just a post with a socket for a universal mount. I’d be concerned if the police bought MK19s all of a sudden, but that isn’t the case here.

      I feel like you’re taking umbrage at the cosmetic features (back ramp, turret) and not considering the actual capabilities of this vehicle, which is nothing more than being armored against small arms. So my thing is that this isn’t some ominous upgrade in capability, because that capability already existed in the form of armored cars, but a mostly* fiscal decision to acquire surplus equipment at reduced cost.

      Also, what is a BATT?

      * because I think that the opportunity to get cool “Army gear” plays a part as well.

  3. One wonders how many people the MSP has killed in the last 150 years.

    • M1A1TrkTrror

      Anything I could find on the matter suggests police shootings are on the rise across MA. No idea if the uptic in number of incidents is significant vs population growth, but the articles all mentioned crime going down and shootings going up. Incomplete data on the matter, I guess.

    • David Navarre

      Firearms homicides in MA from CDC’s WONDER database:

      1999 71
      2000 67
      2001 80
      2002 94
      2003 78
      2004 106
      2005 108
      2006 105
      2007 115
      2008 98
      2009 110
      2010 126

      Also, found one site indicating crime is down, with the peak of violent crimes in the early 1990s (like the rest of the country)


  4. I live in a county that of approximately 74,000 people, 94.4% white and roughly 80% of the land in the county is either state forest, national park or BLM. Yet they felt the need to have an MRAP for the SWAT team. In a county where larceny is the largest problem, property crime and burglary a close second and third. Violent crime is way down on the list and murder rare. The problem with a thing like that, is soon enough you have to justify the upkeep. Use it or lose it. Someone will find a reason to roll it out for the most trivial matters.

  5. The entire police culture in this country is disturbing, and the situation is worsening as the politicians try to tighten the screws on the population.

    Any cop that calls another civilian a civilian should be summarily fired.

  6. Old Trooper

    Didn’t Obama complain that weapons of war had no place on the streets of America? Oh, he was talking about us subjects? Ok; got it.

    • ultimaratioregis

      Now you’re catching on. Guns for me, but not for thee. Sorta like free speech, health care, privacy, due process, retirement benefits, and other sundry benefits and liberties….

  7. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

    I’m thinking of a former
    head of state/politician in a land far away and a time long ago who’s demise was in the back of an M-113. The governor of MA now has an “APC”.

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