Intrepid cooks try to work magic on military rations at MRE Cook-off

Amateur chef John Crist reached into the box and blindly pulled out his secret ingredients — two Department of Defense field rations, otherwise known as “Meals, Ready-to-Eat,” or MREs.

“Sloppy Joe filling,” he said. “And boneless pork rib.” The rib, Crist noted, was imitation pork. “Only the best.”

Bon appetit and oorah!

Crist and his girlfriend, Nina Pignataro, had driven two hours to Triangle, Va., on Saturday to compete in the MRE Cook-off at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Crist finished second in the inaugural cook-off last year, and Pignataro third.

“Out of three,” said Crist, a deputy fire marshal from Hagerstown, Md.

via Intrepid cooks try to work magic on military rations at MRE Cook-off – The Washington Post.

I rarely had time to do more than warm my MRE with the included flameless heater.

And in the old days, before there were heaters, they were even less appealing. And the first generation were pretty awful, as well as not being very filling.

Still, if you aren’t stuck eating them endlessly, they aren’t terrible.



5 responses to “Intrepid cooks try to work magic on military rations at MRE Cook-off

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

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  2. The longest period I had to eat MREs was 3 days. Something was wrong back at the Battalion trains at Shelby and we go stuck with them. Those were the 1st gen stuff too. Wasn’t too bad. I’d have rather had Cs frankly, but they were OK.


  3. Esli

    My first trip to Iraq, in 03, the army was so strapped for MRE s, we were getting some crazy arctic rations, with white freeze-dried stuff like chicken tetrazzini or something. Never saw them before or since.


  4. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

    “C’s” mmmmm good. I wonder Esli if you ate a modernized LRRP ration (add hot water, well any water will do technically).


    • We used to eat Cs when we would camp at Chiemsee in Germany. We preferred staying at the lake and making a side trip to Berchtesgaden instead of staying at the AF Rec Center there.

      Us young Teenies liked Cs and my father used to get them free since he ran the DFAC at Echterdingen Airfield. Used ’em for our bug out food, in case Ivan took a notion to visit Oktoberfest.