Daily Dose of Splodey-Excalibur Edition

As a rule of thumb, I’ve always thought of the max range of 155mm artillery as 30,000m. Please note they’re shooting Excaliburs out to over 50,000m. And there’s room for growth there in terms of range.



7 responses to “Daily Dose of Splodey-Excalibur Edition

  1. Buck Buchanan

    From 2009 – 2011 I worked for the colonel who as a LTC was PM, EXCALIBUR.

    That is one acquisition program done very well.

    Once the bells and whistles were stripped away it went from concept to production in 23 months.


  2. someoldguy

    This is increment IB. Increment II is to be ‘smart’, usable against moving targets. Increment III is be to ‘discriminating’, able to recognize specific vehicles. Maybe someday an Increment IV will be able to ring your doorbell to see if you are home?


  3. ultimaratioregis

    Excaliber is beginning to explore some of the newer artillery technologies. Range and accuracy can be achieved to levels previously thought impossible. PEr of >4m, and ranges out to 80km or longer are possible.


  4. captainned

    Are those shells rocket-assisted or is it just a base-bleed unit?


    • Not sure they’re even Base Bleed. Though I’m sure they will be eventually.


    • ultimaratioregis

      The projos are base-burn by the looks of the footage. (Note the glow at the base of the projectile at 1:25/1:26) Base burn is not RAP, but merely produces overpressure from combustion of material to fill the conical vacuum created by the form drag of the projectile. Base burn does not take up significant space in the projectile body, and allows for a full complement of bursting charge.


    • someoldguy

      The Excalibur has glide fins to extend the range. As an assist to an otherwise purely ballistic round that would normally impact accuracy. But with GPS guidance like the Excalibur it works just fine.