Snow in Alabama

Y’all can laugh at us, but we’re just not prepared for snow and ice. When it snows in the South, you might as well hunker down, watch an old movie, and make some soup while you’re waiting for it to melt. Still, it’s pretty. This was Tuesday.
IMG 004 crop
It melted, then we got a fresh coat last night.
IMG 011 crop
Saw this one on Twitter.
snow rocket
And if my friend Bill is reading this, you and your lovely wife are very thoughtful and had excellent timing in giving us the balaclavas! Thanks!


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6 responses to “Snow in Alabama

  1. Looks like southwest Ohio. We got a good 8″ last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) and it’s been too cold to melt yet.

    The worst part? When it gets warm enough to soften, then re-freeze. Perfect way to break an ankle on rock-hard snow.


  2. someoldguy

    That looks like a light dusting. We got about a foot in the last 24 hours here in the mountains in Pennsylvania and that was nowhere near the first snow this season. It is getting to the point that it is hard to find places to plow the driveway snow into. Today I have to shovel a path across the lawn to the back of the house to the propane tank. Delivery is due soon. Plus the car, front and back decks etc.


    • It was about 2″ the first time and 3″ of snow with 0.5″ of ice the second. I could shovel the driveway, but then what? There’s no snowplows or salt trucks here, and no one except the transplants knows how to drive in it. The ice is the worst part.


    • LC Aggie Sith,

      To throw real science into the mix, here is NOAA data that refutes the warmists:

      The solar max on the fitted curve was May 2013. So we have 4 more years of colder winters. Insulate your house as appropriate. I am.

      The original global warming predictions in the original papers have all been refuted. “Bad scientist, no grant for you.” would be appropriate.

      Two big volcanic eruptions and we will beg for more coal plants to save the planet with CO₂.


  3. Bill

    Just now catching up with the blog, Roamy. All credit goes to K; she is the thoughtful one in the family.

    And the pork loin was great.