U.S. Army finds ‘holy grail’: way to put pizza in combat rations | AL.com

After years of being stymied by technological limitations, the U.S. Army has developed a weapon that’s sure to be so popular that soldiers will demand its deployment: MRE pizza.

via U.S. Army finds ‘holy grail’: way to put pizza in combat rations | AL.com.

U.S. Army finds 'holy grail': way to put pizza in combat rations | AL.com

Hold the anchovies, please.


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3 responses to “U.S. Army finds ‘holy grail’: way to put pizza in combat rations | AL.com

  1. someoldguy

    C-Rats were actually not bad. Except for the Ham and Lima Beans, which we saved for throwing at the enemy. I still have a 1967 vintage P-38 on my keychain. An amazingly versatile tool, far beyond a mere can opener.

    We used to sometimes heat the C-Ration, after removing the desert cookie or whatever was there of course. The ‘stove’ was an old C can with 4 holes punched around the bottom. The fuel was a bit of C-4. Put a match to it and it burns – very fiercely with a bright white light if in the open air but slowly and bright red inside the can where the air supply is limited.. Let the C-Rat can on top cool a bit and the temperature equalize and you have a not bad hot meal in the field.

    Now they are going to have pizza in combat!


  2. Wow. At first I though this was going to be an article from the Duffleblog. :)

    Someoldguy: I’ve read that some (South Vietnamese) troops would take so much C-4 out of their claymores to make fires that they silly things would “pop” instead of explode. How true was that?

    Oh, and how many newbies tried to put out a C-4 fire by stamping on it?


    • someoldguy

      I never heard of taking C-4 out of a claymore. I saw the insides of a damaged one once. The explosive is about halfway into the thing so I doubt any could be removed without disabling the device entirely.

      Stamping on burning C-4? Reminds me of how we used to blow up ‘dud’ firecrackers when we were kids – break it open, light it in the gap and quickly stamp on it. Wearing sneakers was not recommended. I imagine trying that with C-4 would be more likely to set yourself on fire.