Overheard at the Auto Parts Store


One thing I can say about the Upper Valley.  There is more than a bit of “local color” here.  There is a distinctive and drolly humorous demeanor to some of the folks up here, even if they lack the full complement of teeth.   Think Red Green, with a Vermont accent.  While I was buying some windshield wipers today, and shooting the breeze with a former Marine at the counter, a heavy-set older fella strolled up to the counter next to me.   The other guy behind the counter walks over to help him, and the following conversation took place:

“Can I help ya?”

“Yessir, I come by to pick up a tranny core you said was in.”

“Oh yeah, I seen the note that said Dave Perry was gonna come fetch it.  It’s out in the bay.”

“Well, then, that one ain’t mine.”


“Nope.  See, I ain’t Dave Perry.”

“Are ya sure?”


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2 responses to “Overheard at the Auto Parts Store

  1. captainned

    Yep, I get that conversation. Live in a similar valley shared with New York. The northern expanses of said valley still talk like that.