Duffel Blog: Gen. Amos Nervously Awaiting Results Of Career Board

Those guys nail it yet again.  Is it an indicator that Jim Mattis finds the Duffel Blog hysterical but Jim Amos hates it?

Career Designation, according to Marine Corps, is “a force-shaping tool” that ensures Marines retain the best company-grade officers by firing half of them. The program was established in 2011, making this Amos’ first Career Designation, having recently hit the requisite post-MOS waiting period. Amos graduated at the bottom of his class in Commandant’s School in 2010.

Brilliant, I tell you.  Brilliant.


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4 responses to “Duffel Blog: Gen. Amos Nervously Awaiting Results Of Career Board

  1. My favorite line from that article ” though rated an “Expert” with the Green Weenie “. I wonder if Terminal Lance had something to do with that one. For those not as “cultured” as I (this is 100% NSFW ): http://terminallance.com/2013/12/24/terminal-lance-revenge-of-the-dependapotamus-pg-8/


  2. someoldguy

    The scary thing about the ‘Leaked Memo’ is that with the current administration things that in the past would have been considered preposterous turn out to be all too real.