Hospital Blues

Not me. But I’ve got a family member in the hospital, at least for the next few days. And our family has a simple rule about that. They are NEVER left alone. And despite the fact that virtually all the time one spends with a loved one in the hospital consists of sitting on one’s ass, there’s such a series of interruptions that producing any content is a great challenge.

So apologies, dear reader, if it’s been a bit thin here lately. My esteemed co-authors have stepped up to the plate (and it’s annoying when traffic goes up when I’m gone!). I’m thankful to them, and of course, to you, the reader. I hope I’ll have something to post soon, but my priority lies elsewhere at the moment.



5 responses to “Hospital Blues

  1. ultimaratioregis

    God bless. And tend to yours.
    Wasn’t it Schiller who said that “An hour deferred is gone for all eternity”?
    Spend your hours where you should.


  2. No problem, amigo. Take your time. We can wait…


  3. Family first last and always. Prayers continue to be said.


  4. May your family member recover fully. Continual presence in a hospital is a wise policy. Blessings to your family.