Making Marines- “…and a Few Good Men” (1973)

Another great vid.  Narrated by Gunnery Sergeant Moore/Sgt Joe Friday himself (actually a USAAF Veteran in WWII).   Worth a cup of coffee and twenty-five otherwise productive minutes.  Though it is filmed at MCRD San Diego, things hadn’t changed very much between 1973 and when I first went to MCRD Parris Island in 1982, or went back as a Series Commander in 1989.  I doubt they have changed all that much since I rotated to Camp Lejeune in 1992, either.   Note that nearly every Drill Instructor and Officer is wearing a Combat Action Ribbon, and the Regimental CO at Graduation is a World War II, Korea, and Vietnam Veteran.

Some pretty good close-order drill.  And it has some excellent M-14 pron.


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3 responses to “Making Marines- “…and a Few Good Men” (1973)

  1. David Navarre

    After I watched the commercial, I had clicked on that video as well. Gotta love Joe Friday and early 70s devil dogs.


  2. Have to watch the video later, but my Dad worked at MCRD San Diego For 18 years up until 1975 when we moved to Western North Carolina in the summer between my junior and senior year of high school. ( Talk about culture shock! .)

    Probably why I didn’t join the Marines out of HS, opting for the USAF instead, after seeing what they went through during basic training for as long as I can remember.


  3. NaCly Dog

    Had not seen the MCRD San Diego video. Very good. You get the feeling a lot was left out, and a positive spin used at all times. That being said, the video speaks the truth as the Marines forge men from boys. May it ever be such.

    In the English language, man embraces women. (archaic)