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5 responses to “Heh.

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased)

    The epitome of lazy genius!

  2. Ops on Courtney never could have done that. It simply wasn’t permitted. Besides, they had a curtain for the port hole in the Wardroom.

  3. Moving the ship rather than your seat is pretty lazy. Can’t top that.

    I’m in a ship in the VACAPES op area. The number one priority was to let the Captain get some sleep. So you maneuvered to keep all contacts further than the Standing Orders call distance.

    The number two priority was to move in our box in such a way as to keep Hill Street Blues running on the XO’s TV. Bad things happened to the OOD / JOOD if there was loss of signal.

    • We almost always found place of the VACapes to escape harassment by productive shipping. Back then, we didn’t worry about TV signal. For us the sweet spot tended to be about 100nm ENE of Cheslight.

    • NaCly Dog

      QM, I liked that area also, but no Hill Street Blues. Unnamed XO = 😒

      To be fair, my other XO’s did not have that impediment.