Planespotting- AW609

I stepped off the hospital campus for a moment to make a phone call/check email/twitter/facebook for a second, and heard a helicopter a bit aways. Hardly surprising. There’s a lot of helicopter traffic here. Life Flite helos, and traffic helos, and police helos. Heck, the other day, I looked up an saw a Marine AH-1W flitting by.

So, sure, I looked up today. I just didn’t have the camera on my phone handy.

And say a very unusual aircraft go by. And couldn’t get a pic, dammit. Here’s one from the internets.

So far as I know, there’s only 4 flying, though once the AW609 is certified, as many as 70 may be on order.

The one I saw was in formation with an AB109 conventional helicopter, both in red and white (with black trim) paint jobs. The AW609 was operating in a “blended” mode, with the rotors tilted to about 45 degrees from vertical.

Aha! Here’s why the AW609 was in town!


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4 responses to “Planespotting- AW609

  1. Once every month or two I see some helos out of Fort Campbell (we live about 100 miles, as the crow flies, from Ft. Campbell.) I have seen a few CH-47’s, many Blackhawks, a Kiowa Warrior or three, several Apaches and what I am assuming was an MH-47. I could clearly see the refueling probe sticking out the front. Twice I have seen Marine helos, two Cobras once and a CH-46 another time. I’m not sure if the Cobras were Wiskey’s or Vipers. They were a little to far to tell but there was no mistaking them for anything besides a Cobra. I live in northwest Tennessee and I have no Idea where they were going to or coming from. Last year I heard and then saw a B-29. It was headed south/southwest and flying low. There is absolutely no mistaking that radial engine sound for anything else that flies. My camera sucks so it doesn’t matter if I had it ready. I hate you crappy camera.


  2. someoldguy

    Back in the early 1990s in New York City during Fleet Week, I saw a really good one. Fleet Week is officially in honor of the Navy and Marines and has lots of military ships sailing on the Hudson River and Navy flybys over it. But the Air Force likes to add to the fun as well. I was out for lunch and heard an unusual sound. Looking up I saw it pass directly overhead at about 2000 feet – a B2A!

    BTW the AW609 is very similar in appearance to the XV-15, a technology demonstrator for the Osprey project. Bell did a LOT of VTOL experimentation including the X-14, X-22 and XV-3.