“You Have No Rights!”

It seems that Towson, Maryland police officers verbalized what many in Law Enforcement have shown with their behavior nationwide for the last several years.  A man filming police officers at a disturbance is threatened and assaulted by a police officer who declares at one point that the private citizen he is responsible for protecting and serving has no rights.   The local CBS affiliate has the story.

It is well past time to view these cases in isolation.  I don’t want to hear that.  Nor do I want to hear about how the police “fear for their safety”.  Or how they were somehow justified in threatening jail or declaring which freedoms are permitted.   That, in large dose or small, is tyranny, plain and simple.  Trying to explain it away is to stretch plausibility to the breaking point and beyond in order to find excuses for such behavior.

Of course, police officials are always “concerned” and vow to investigate the “possibility” of wrongdoing.  The assertions that additional training and possible disciplinary action is a solution is entirely in error.  This is not a matter of training but of attitude and sense of unbridled authority and entitlement.  Borne of not being accountable.  David Rocah of the ACLU is quite right.  It is very problematic, and it does reflect a great and growing sense of impunity.

No, the solution to this, eventually and unfortunately, is for police officers like this jackass to face the wrath of an armed populace willing to assert their liberties forcefully.  And if he survives the encounter, he should consider himself lucky.   Of course, it is no coincidence that the Governor of Maryland has all but disarmed the law-abiding.  He, and his police forces, get to decide which of your Constitutional liberties they would like you to have and when.  Which, it should be noted, this Administration desires to make the national model.

Tyranny around every corner, indeed.


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8 responses to ““You Have No Rights!”

  1. Ever so glad we don’t have this in Jacksonville…Over my 40 odd years of dealing with the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office, not all of it good, I’ve found them to be polite, professional and even human at times. Of course, I learned early to never lie to a cop and to always tell it like it is. It also doesn’t hurt to talk to them like they’re human beings. Those assholes in Maryland? Too much testosterone, not enough brains. I’d have politely asked the officer if I was under arrest and when he said no, tell him that I still have my Constitutionally guaranteed right to freely assemble. And yeah, did exactly that once. Got arrested, but also got to finish that ice cold Coke I was drinking (got released 15 minutes later, too)


  2. Krag

    Fat cowardly union thugs with guns. Pathetic. One of many groups vieing for the title of “first ones lined up against the wall…” with all due credit to Douglas Adams. :)


  3. Paul L. Quandt

    Far too many cops with an extreme case of “badgeites”. The cure for which is an “Indian beauty mark”.



  4. diogenesofnj

    Could lead to pictures of police officers on the side of milk cartons.


  5. SFC Dunlap 173d RVN

    Should this get more and more out of hand (and I don’t know why this is a tendency), they might come under the barrels of the right and law abiding as much as the left and (mostly) lawless.


  6. Interview with the student who was filming.