Infographic: Russian Forces and Movements on Crimea

The info is gathered from various media reports (from CIMSEC):


Click the pic to embiggenify.


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5 responses to “Infographic: Russian Forces and Movements on Crimea

  1. NaCly Dog

    If Ukraine wants to make this more difficuly, stop the rail lines going in to the Crimea. Make all supplies require sea-lift.


  2. NaCly Dog

    Russia currently sucks at sea-lift and ship construction. This does not have to be over if the Ukranian military is crafty. Make it about logistics for Crimea.

    Plus China owns a Belgium -sized slice of property in the Ukraine. Given the pollution in China, these farms in the Ukraine are needed for Chinese food supply. Another source of leverage.


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  4. So much for the “reset!” One of the marches in the game Command and Conquer is rather cute and fits well here. Here’s the version with the lyrics,