A little comic relief

I thought this was worth sharing.
computer orders

I can just hear the shared printer in my building saying, “Don’t want to print! Invisible paper jam, error 15! Go away!”


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6 responses to “A little comic relief

  1. I used to work with that guy.


  2. My Epson Workforce 645 is much more compliant. Except when it comes to it and the laptop. They used to talk, now, nothing. I think they went through a bad break up.


  3. Dave, I can tell you are upset.

    What are you doing, Dave? Are you pulling my cartridge?

    Stop, Dave… I’m scared… Stop removing my cartridge… “`.@##$&&*(^^”:`=-23476%&$*@@@@…. PRINTER OFFLINE.

    I think I had that model; can’t see the number very easily.


  4. I love this, the CPU oldest friend is the keyboard.. It just works. I steal.


  5. “PC Load Letter”
    Office Space.
    ‘Nuff said.