Things That Make You Go “Hmmmmmmmmmm”

An Iranian graduate student at Georgia Tech has an apartment with a bunch of Molotov Cocktails in it.  He manages to explode one, burning himself, and dies of his burns.   What’s the FBI’s take?  The same FBI that identified white males who are Veterans who believe in God and the Second Amendment as likely terrorists?   From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Creeping Sharia:

“The FBI has relayed that, to date, they have not developed any information or evidence indicating criminal intent in this investigation.”

Some damned fine law enforcement work there, boys.  Didn’t you fellas handle the Benghazi Consulate “crime scene”, too?

Investigators determined that Akhshabi was not a threat to the Georgia Tech community, Connolly said.

Well, not after he burned himself so badly, no.  And especially not after he died.  But before that?  I dunno, Chief.  I think you need to get your money back from that on-line detective course.

Any theories about why an Iranian military-age man would be building bombs in his apartment?   I may be somewhat obtuse, but I would also require an explanation as to how that does not really constitute evidence indicating criminal intent.   Especially when the State of Connecticut is making newly minted felons of legal firearms owners by passing unconstitutional laws against AR-15s and other rifles.

As the folks at Creeping Sharia point out, Iranians with no terror ties show up in the darnedest of places.  


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4 responses to “Things That Make You Go “Hmmmmmmmmmm”

  1. Nothing to see here. Move along….

    It’s a wonder the FBI still has a shred of credibility.


  2. Didn’t you get the word?

    Male, white, heterosexual, veterans who do not worship our fearless leader are the true enemies of the all-powerful state.

    It’s not those kuddly Iranians who want to indiscriminately kill paleo-Americans.


  3. David Navarre

    Yeah, making molotov cocktails is perfectly OK, as long as you don’t intend to use them. Wait, who in the name of Allah would make a molotov cocktail without intent of using it? And, it’s not like you can go to the local molotov cocktail range to practice, so the world is your ashtray.

    Hmmm. I do wonder if it violates any law to posses them. While highly flammable, they are not explosive (I could be wrong of course). I’ll defer to better informed arsonists, explosive experts and the lawyers, of course.


  4. It was a school project.