Games Stupid People Play

So, several years ago, the US Army partnered with gaming companies to produce the hugely successful game America’s Army. A blend of recruiting tool and online first-person shooter, the free game continues to be popular.

Via CDR Salamander, we learn today that now the Navy has finally gotten on board with the idea.

Sadly, rather than finding a way to share the Navy with the target audience, the social do-gooders in the Navy found a way to portray every sailor as a drunk too stupid to care for himself or his shipmate without intervention.

“Pier Pressure” gives sailors fingertip access to alcohol-related resources 24/7 and includes a blood alcohol content calculator and search of local taxi services.

Mind you, this isn’t an app made available to fleet sailors. This is targeted to people outside the Navy.

As some of the commenters at USNI noted, there were rich opportunities for a far more useful app.

I’m thinking a game more like “The Dirty Shirt 500—Try to be the first in line for MidRats”. Sort of like “Frogger”, as you avoid Chiefs and DHs looking for you to complete paperwork while you make your way forward.



2 responses to “Games Stupid People Play

  1. Video game advantage: Army.


  2. They can’t beat Navy at football, so I guess they need to win at something.